Upside Down is divided into two phases: I & II. Phase I will feature 14 storeys, and Phase II will feature 13. This beautiful condominium is designed by Channington Development in conjunction with Burka Architects. The buildings consists of two bright, classically tiered towers featuring a pleasing mix of precast detailing and glazing. This project is a one-of-a-kind opportunity in Toronto, offering unprecedented low rates on units.

c/o Channington Development

At Dupont and Lansdowne, Upside Down is situated in the historic Davenport Village, which is undergoing a process of significant growth and redevelopment. Upside Down is close to Hillcrest Park and the waterfront, allowing for convenient relaxation at any time of day. Downtown is just minutes away, with a quick walk over to Lansdowne Station for easy TTC access.

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c/o Channington Development

Live at Upside Down and you’ll be able to explore a new side of the city!

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